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Whether you're looking for a Creative for your Agency or an in-house creative roll the challenges for an Employer is always the same. The interview is where you really get to engage with the potential candidate but to pre-qualify who to interview is the toughest and most time consuming task.

If you employ a Recruitment Agency you are still actively involved and have to vet the shortlisted CV's and browse endlessly through Portfolio's, not to mention the fees you'll have to pay for each placement. Even through a Recruitment Agency, the entire process could take weeks and when you're desperate to fill the role, those weeks could be very stressful and costly.

There are too many occasions where you've shortlisted candidates only to find out they're not prepared to travel the distance or what you're offering is lower than what they're expecting.

If you post an Advert yourself, it can save you a lot of Agency fees but you're overwhelmed with CV's, most of who aren't even suitable for the job and if you haven't advertised the salary, you're having to shortlist and interview only to find out their salary expectations don't match what you're offering.

You’re hunting for a job or a freelance gig - you’ve got your Portfolio up, you’ve sent your CV’s to agencies, you’ve applied to postings on freelance sites or job boards - and it’s just mayhem.

What if your perfect job was just 1 mile from where you are, how would you ever know? What if a company 1 mile away from you was looking for a freelancer, how would you ever know?

Just like you’re chasing to find the right gig, employers are just as desperate to find you. Companies who are looking for freelancers do not want to go on to freelancing websites and get contacted by people all around the world - some may be experienced enough to work with remote freelancers, but the serious buyers want access to somebody who is close to them, accessible, can communicate clearly and most of all understands the UK market. Face to face meetings will never be out of fashion and as a Freelancer being available to pop down to discuss a new brief is what will build strong relationships and give you regular work. If you’re providing a convenience service and are accessible, you’ll always get more work from the same Company.

Find A Designer will have your Portfolio online which you can update whenever you want. It allows you to be found by your skills and your location as well as host of other parameters which you will enter. So if somebody is looking for a freelancer who is good at brochure designs and is within 1 mile of their postcode, you’ll come up at the top of the results if you are the closest. Same for an Employer who is looking for somebody with 3 years experience, expected salary between £35k - £40k and has skills in Branding, Packaging and Annual Reports and within a 5 mile radius. If you fit that criteria you’ll come up. Employers are just as frustrated in receiving applications where the candidate is too far and not interested in re-locating or their salary expectations or skills are not what they’re offering.

Let Employers and Companies who need freelancers find You. And best of all it’s totally free for you!

You may have a one-off project or require a freelancer on an ongoing basis.

Where do you start when you want to find a designer ?
You can trail through search engines ask friends for recommendations and you realise what should be a simple task is extremely difficult. You know what you want skills you want from a designer, their experience and you may have a preference that they are local enough for them to come down and see you when required. After all design is an intimate process and there is no substitute in talking face to face. Your perfect designer may be a stone throw away from where you are - but how will you ever know that

Find A Designer allows you to search by using your postcode as a starting point and then intelligent blazing fast filters to narrow down to those who fit your criteria. You could be looking for a designer with 3 years experience, skilled in Brochure Design, Branding, Social Media Graphics and a hourly rate between £30 - £50 per hour. Your results will be delivered with the designer closet to your location, and then on click you can view their entire portfolio. .

Have you ever thought finding a designer should be a lot easier and maybe more of an enjoyable task?

Find a Designer is an innovative straight to the point platform where you have access to 1000's of skilled creatives who you can search using predefined filters that cover everything from their distance from your location, their salary expectations, experience, skill sets, their online portfolio and a stack of other filters to help you narrow down candidates based on exactly what you're looking for. You know what you want and within seconds we'll deliver it. We're not creating a 'showcase site' for designers to show off their wares, we're creating a site where they promote themselves commercially and answer the questions you're looking for.